Company Structure
01 COMMUNICATIONS provides distributed computing solutions and development services, including those based on its innovative DNAOS Technology..

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Distributed Multimedia Computing
From a 50's recurring dream of people interacting with 3D projections and sounds, re-awaken by multimedia computing innovation at Expo 67, in Montreal, the company starts in '71, developing immersive applications and the first distributed computer animation center.

Distributed Network Application Portals
By the early 80's, with the emerging PC markets, distributed IT development and consulting expand. And through the 90's, with new distributed computing standards, focus moves to collaboration portal design.

Metaphoric Environments
All along, developing metaphors and the support infrastructure for knowledge sharing virtual worlds. Knowledge Sharing Metaphoric Virtual Environments offer optimal solutions for information and knowledge access, management, and sharing, enabling collaboration.

DNAOS Entitlement
Long time recurring issues increasingly hinder information sharing, as we move into the information age. And by 2000, the DNAOS project was created with a mission to analyze, structure, and resolve these costly issues. Previous know-how was also integrated into DNAOS technology, supporting virtual profile collaboration portals.

Available in on-line application services (SAAS) and streaming content appliances, DNAOS enable sharing and collaboration productivity.