Service + Technology + Content


01 COMMUNICATIONS combine service + technology + content, for integrated collaborative solutions

Security, design, development, operation, analysis, hosting, consulting, mentoring, support services.

DNAOS SaaS/appliance service Platform

Modeling, management, integration, analysis, entitlement, transformation


Powered by the streaming-XML parallel processing pipelines, standards-based DNAOS provide a service platform for entitlement secure distributed collaborative applications, sites, and portals.

DNAOS provide secure content, resource, and virtual profile management, and transformation.

DNAOS provide open application development, integration, operation, maintenance, administration.

Application Services
SOA, scheduling, accounting, workflow, membership, mailing, newsletter, reporting, portal management, separation of concerns web and print publishing, multimedia, development, metering.


IT Essence
Information is the essence and purpose of IT.

Built for Content
Designed for distributed content, DNAOS solutions support all aspects of compound document and information analysis, modeling, authoring, management, transformation, and publishing (e.g. Interactive, streaming, DVD/DBR, & print).

Information Security
Portal application collaborators are also often competitors, sharing and protecting resources, for common benefits. Deep content and resource security and entitlement is a basic primary requirement.

Legacy Content
Legacy content remains and requires integration with newer and more advanced solutions. While this work can be automated, the specificities and variations may require automation configuration and setup. Full migration support is available.


Service + Technology + Content

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