Partner network organization, 01 COMMUNICATIONS offer platform independent & friendly (eg: SOA, ROA, J2EE, .NET, Cloud) DNAOS technology solutions to address the needs of information sharing industries, like security, military, health care, logistics, technology, legal, scientific, media, search, learning, knowledge sharing, serious games, and virtual worlds.

DNAOS solutions entitle, secure, manage, track, model, transform, and stream content, resources, and virtual profiles, from on-line application services (SaaS), or dedicated streaming-content network appliances, with SOA-based resource modeling rich-client applications, and support services, as they are being shared by users and applications.

As the main difference between sharing and giving, entitlement ensures that, while one may have access to most operations, for each, one only gets access to resources that one is entitled to, in any given context, and that all operations are tracked.

Pipeline Transform
DNAOS pipeline transformation engines also free applications from security configuration dependencies, as well as offload content access control to dedicated processes or appliances.

Expandable platform, DNAOS provide managing, scheduling, modeling, tracking, accounting, as well as separation of concern publishing service layers for shared rich-content, resources, processes, and work-flow.

DNAOS provide information integration and mashup where each resource can have multiple and prioritized sources, anywhere, each with its own access type, rights, and parameters.

DNAOS process content metadata, generating indexes, references, TOCs, navigation, and reports.

DNAOS provide a development and operation platform for collaborating applications sharing common resources.

DNAOS supports dynamic information, knowledge, and resource modeling, from rich-client (SOA) graphical interfaces.

DNAOS support standards including XML, XSLT2, XPATH, Xquery, XSD, XMI, SAML, XACML, SOA, ROA, J2EE, CSS, SQL, .NET, CORBA, UML, as well as formats including PDF, SVG, PNG, SWF, XSD, XMI, Atom, RSS, RDF, xhtml.

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DNAOS transformation pipeline entry and exit open content-handlers, designed to provide modular interfaces for automated to/from XML conversion, also provide expandable dynamic integration of legacy content.

Four decades of innovative distributed computing solution design and development, including all levels of production and supply chain management, collaboration portals and applications, logistics, health care, media, imaging, and eLearning, starting in the early 70's, with design and development of the first distributed computing multimedia and 3D animation environment, and integrating in the DNAOS technology, since 2001.

Entitlement Standards
Active OMG (eg: UML, CORBA) member, 01 COMMUNICATIONS also work on developing resource entitlement and modeling standards, enabling collaboration productivity as well as sensitive or proprietary content sharing, e.g. REMMS (Resource & Entitlement Modeling and Management Standards).

Resource ModelingEntitlement